The characteristics and function description of high voltage fuse

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There are different types of high-voltage fuses, which are divided into indoor type and outdoor type according to the installation location, fixed type and automatic drop type according to the installation of the fuse tube, and limited according to the way of breaking the current. There are two types of flow type and infinite flow type. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these various types of high-voltage fuses, and what are their functions.

Features of high voltage fuses

Fuses are simple in structure and easy to install, and have been widely used in power distribution devices with low power and low protection requirements.

The fuse cannot be used as a normal opening and closing circuit, because the fuse must be replaced after the fuse operates, which will cause a partial power outage. In addition, the protective characteristics of fuses are susceptible to external influences.

The advantages of high-voltage fuses are simple internal structure, low cost and price, convenient maintenance and more flexible use. Its disadvantage is that the capacity is small, and the characteristics of the protection electrical products are not stable enough.

The role of high voltage fuse

High-voltage fuses are mainly divided into two categories: indoor (RN) and outdoor (RW). They are generally used as short-circuit protection, and sometimes also as overload protection. In addition to the tubular type, outdoor high-voltage fuses also have two types: drop-out type and anti-pollution type, as well as current-limiting resistor type fuses.

The pressure fuse is a kind of fuse, and the function of the fuse is the same as that of the fuse, which protects the circuit in the electrical appliance.

When the high-voltage fuse is working, if the current in the circuit exceeds the specified value, it will generate a kind of heat to fuse the fuse, thus disconnecting the circuit protection device.

The greater the current passing through the fuse, the faster the fusing speed will be. The fusing time has a certain relationship with the material of the melt and the size of the fusing current.

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