What are the transformer protections?

2023-11-04 14:46:54 曙熔

01gas protection

An important way of transformer protection is gas protection. Gas protection is mainly used to protect the inside of the transformer oil tank and after the oil level drops.

02 Longitudinal difference protection

Transformer differential protection is used to reflect fault conditions such as windings, brackets, and faults.

03Overburden Protection

Excessive obesity protection is one of the main protections of the transformer and is used to reflect the excessive obesity of the transformer.

04 Overcurrent protection

Overcurrent protection is mainly used to protect the transformer from internal and external faults. Overcurrent protection can be implemented using composite voltage blocking and direction blocking, which can reflect short-circuit faults between internal and external phases of the transformer according to the setting requirements.

05 Current quick-break protection

Current quick-break protection is a transformer protection device used to prevent internal faults of the transformer and failures of the lead wire bushings.

06 Overexcitation protection

Over-excitation protection mainly protects the transformer from over-excitation conditions.

07Zero sequence current protection

Zero-sequence current protection is an important method of transformer protection, mainly targeting large ground current systems. When a ground short circuit occurs outside the transformer, zero sequence current protection can be used to protect the symmetrical current system inside the transformer.

08Zero sequence protection and zero sequence current direction protection

Zero-sequence protection and zero-sequence current direction protection can reflect internal and external grounding short-circuit faults of the transformer according to the setting direction.

09Gas protection

Transformer protection includes gas protection, light gas protection, and heavy gas protection.

10 impedance protection

In transformer protection, commonly used impedance protection includes impedance protection, zero-sequence current protection and zero-sequence current direction protection.

11 Backup protection for external phase-to-phase short circuit

The backup protection of external phase-to-phase short circuit is mainly for transformers. It is mainly used to protect the internal inter-turn short circuit of the transformer.

12 single phase ground protection

Single-phase ground fault protection is a transformer protection method, consisting of a zero-sequence current transformer and a current relay. When the sensitivity of the zero-sequence current protection on the high-voltage side does not meet the requirements, special zero-sequence current protection needs to be set up.

13Non-power protection

Transformer protection includes non-electricity protection, gas protection, pressure protection, temperature protection, oil level protection and cooler full stop protection. Among them, non-electrical protection uses transformer protection composed of non-electrical quantities such as oil, gas, temperature, etc. of the transformer.

14 Overcurrent protection for composite voltage starting

The overcurrent protection of composite voltage starting should be used for step-up transformers, system tie-in transformers and step-down transformers whose overcurrent protection does not meet the sensitivity requirements.

15 main protection

The main protection of the transformer includes gas protection, heavy gas protection and light gas protection. Gas protection can activate the relay to operate the circuit breaker and respond to various faults in the fuel tank, so it serves as the main protection for internal faults in the fuel tank.

16-reaction back-up protection for ground short circuit

Transformer protection includes backup protection that reacts to a ground short circuit, backup protection that reacts to a direct ground short circuit at the neutral point, and protection when the neutral point of the transformer is not grounded.

17Re-voltage blocking overcurrent protection

Compound voltage blocking overcurrent protection means that when a short circuit occurs in the transformer, in order to protect the system from being damaged by the short circuit and prevent excessive current, we need to install a voltage blocking component.

18Gap overcurrent and gap overvoltage protection

Transformer protection includes gap overcurrent and gap overvoltage protection. Gap overcurrent protection collects power in the transformer discharge gap to handle ground faults.

19Ground backup protection of autotransformer

The grounding backup protection of autotransformer means that when a fault occurs in the main protection range, the backup protection starts at the same time and cuts off the current at the fault point.

20 pressure protection

Transformer protection includes pressure protection, pressure relief and pressure sudden change protection. The pressure protection is used to react to the pressure of the transformer oil, including pressure release and pressure mutation protection.

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