What are the influencing factors of voltage transformer high voltage fuse?

2023-11-10 14:02:06 曙熔

Voltage transformer is an important device in the power system, and its main function is to measure and protect the power system. The equipment has been installed and used in excitation systems, measuring instruments, speed regulators and other electrical equipment. Voltage transformers and high voltage fuses are common accidents in power systems. When the high-voltage fuse of the voltage transformer blows, it will have a serious impact on the safety of the voltage transformer and the measurement of electricity bills. The maintenance and replacement of the high-voltage fuse is also troublesome.

1. Harm of voltage transformer high voltage fuse

1.1 Harm to the operation mode of power system. If the voltage transformer is burned out or damaged by high voltage, it needs to be repaired in time, otherwise the busbar will not be able to operate in sections. If other equipment is abnormal at this time, it will bring great difficulties to the operation of the power system.

1.2 Endanger the safety of power supply and incorrect electricity metering. No matter which aspect of the voltage transformer or high-voltage fuse is faulty, it will lead to errors in power metering in the substation, resulting in power loss due to the inability to accurately measure power. At the same time, due to the failure of voltage transformers and high-voltage fuses, the secondary protection voltage disappears, which will seriously threaten the safe operation of power supply equipment in the power system.

1.3 Affect the normal operation of substation equipment. Under normal circumstances, resonant overvoltage is the most common abnormal operating phenomenon in 10kV power systems. Although the amplitude of the resonant overvoltage is not high, this voltage can exist in the power system for a long time. In particular, while low-frequency harmonics affect the voltage transformer coil, its resonant overvoltage will also endanger the insulation effect of other power equipment. In severe cases, it will also cause insulation breakdown of other weak links on the busbar, resulting in serious short circuits and serious short circuits in the power system. Widespread power outage.

1.4 Causing personal injury to relevant personnel. When the voltage transformer and high-voltage fuse are damaged, inspectors inspect the equipment without knowing it, which may cause personal injury and power accidents.

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