The difference between high voltage fuse XRNT and XRNP

2023-08-29 16:52:36 曙熔

XRNT is generally used to protect transformers, and XRNP is generally used to protect transformers. XRNT’s fusion tubes have relatively large currents, and XRNP’s have small currents such as 0.5A or 1A. The commonly used specifications are different. The size of the fusion tube is also different , The matching seat is also different, the XRNT one is bigger. The fuse tube of XRNP is relatively small.
Fuse is the simplest protective device, which is used to protect electrical equipment from overload and short-circuit current damage; choose different types of high-voltage fuses according to installation conditions and uses, such as outdoor drop type, indoor type, and high-voltage fuses for some special equipment. The fuse should be selected as a special series; the fuse we often say is the fuse type.
Its structure generally includes a fuse tube, a contact conductive part, a supporting insulator and a base, and the fuse tube is filled with fine quartz sand for arc extinguishing. The fuse is a metal wire or sheet made of a metal material with a low melting point, which is connected in series in the circuit to be protected. When the circuit or equipment in the circuit is overloaded or fails, the fuse will heat up and melt, thereby cutting off the circuit and achieving The purpose of protecting a circuit or equipment.

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