RW12 drop-out fuse

Drop-out fuses and pull-load drop-out fuses are outdoor high-voltage protection appliances. It is installed on the high-voltage side of the distribution transformer or the branch line of the distribution line, and is used as a short circuit between the transformer and the line, overload protection, and splitting and closing load current. The drop-out fuse consists of two parts: an insulating bracket and a fuse tube. The static contacts are installed at both ends of the insulating bracket, and the moving contacts are installed at both ends of the fuse tube. The fuse tube consists of an inner arc-extinguishing tube and an outer layer. Composed of phenolic paper tube or epoxy glass cloth tube. The load-pull drop-out fuse strengthens the elastic auxiliary contact and the arc extinguishing cover to divide and close the load current.

  • Name: RW12
  • Voltage: 10/12KV
  • Type: High voltage fuse
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