LXQ Disposable Harmonic Eliminator

LXQ series 6~35kV voltage transformer neutral point non-linear resistance harmonic elimination damper (abbreviated as primary resonance eliminator) is installed in the primary winding Y of 6~35kV voltage transformer (hereinafter referred to as voltage transformer or PT). A non-linear resistance harmonic elimination damping device between the wiring neutral point and the ground. The harmonic eliminator uses SiC with excellent electrical properties and ultra-fine particles as the base material, which is pressed into a high-density rectangular or round cake-shaped green body by a large-tonnage press, and is sintered at a high temperature of thousands of degrees in a reducing atmosphere. become. The surface structure of the bare resistor is specially treated to withstand the sun and rain, and can be used directly indoors and outdoors. It is favored by users for its small size, light weight, fast heat dissipation, high strength, and easy installation. This product fully complies with the regulations in article 4.1.5 of the current Ministry of Electric Power standard DL/T620-1997 "Overvoltage Protection and Insulation Coordination of AC Electrical Installations", and can play a good role in limiting the ferromagnetic resonance of voltage transformers.

  • Name: LXQ
  • Voltage: 6-35KV
  • Type: Disposable harmonic eliminator
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